Each day thousands of Ukrainians leave abroad in search of temporary work. Additional work helps to come back to motherland with a good salary and allows to rise living standards and to provide for families. People may meet a range of problems on this way: employers not in good faith, unfair final remuneration of labor, no legal contract, poor living conditions.

International employment service ESH was created to solve these problems. At our site, we have gathered plenty of available positions, which will make you feeling confident. We strictly control each employer, it’s paying ability, we check their reputation and living conditions. Only than we propose the vacancy and help to establish a contact with the employer.

What do our clients receive? Good wages, better living conditions, respectful attitude and formal contract protecting all the rights. We also help the qualified specialists who want to move abroad and find a permanent position. Check the list of available positions right now! A worthy position is waiting for you!