Conducting business in a competitive environment requires practical and creative decisions that can be made only by professionals. Any company can assemble a team of such professionals, however consulting with qualified HR experts makes the process significantly less time and resource consuming.

ESH provides specialised assistance to employers and suggests elaborate staffing solutions. The provided service helps find the right employees and creates optimal and comfortable conditions for interaction between the staff and the management. The services we render include:

  • Selecting staff for permanent, seasonal and temporary employment, both for working professions and for highly skilled jobs;
  • Resolving personnel matters through offering contractor jobs. This service helps optimise your company’s business model, reduces the load on accounting and HR divisions, and minimises risks connected to resolving labour disputes;
  • Providing skilled workers on a temporary basis for seasonal work, project requirements, bearing of covering for maternal/sick/vacation leaves;
  • Outsourcing to our company key production and business processes. Thus, we will take care of delivering tasks and overall results starting from selecting staff, conducting records management, accounting and formalisation of paperwork to perform all duties and responsibilities.

Attracting foreign workers presents a wide array of advantages, as the employee gets to recruit skilled workers who have experience in conducting international business, and receives a fresh perspective on the internal staff structure and the updated team.

We monitor every requirement of our client company and understand particularities of every request, as we know every branch of business requires specialists with specific skills. You have our guarantee that every future employee is strictly screened for professional and psychological suitability to your company. We know how important it is to seamlessly integrate the potential workers with the job and the existing staff.

Trust us and see how the specialists of ESH help you accelerate the development of your company with the help of the highly skilled workers we will select for you or to perform business tasks on your behalf.

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