Selecting staff

The key component of a successful business is the team of professionals that manages and develops the business sector. The management often has clear understanding of what type of worker is required for a particular position, and of the requirements to the worker’s qualifications. The problem, however, is finding the right specialist in the limited time available.

ESH offers elaborate solutions to the employer’s problems of selecting staff, solutions that provide a number of undeniable advantages:

  • We save you the time that you can allocate towards solving problems of higher priority;
  • The selected candidates have all the skills needed for filling a position. This concerns both the working jobs and the highly skilled and/or management positions;
  • Reserve staff can be selected for seasonal, temporary, and permanent jobs, according to the requirements of your business;
  • The potential employees have confirmed work experience and are subjected to a series of interviews before being recommended for a position in your company;
  • ESH specialists are qualified professionals who always meet deadlines and bear responsibility for their service before the client company.

The staff selection procedure includes analysing the documents provided by the applicant, review of their resume, personal interviews, professional and psychological testing, verifying the applicant’s references, making the decision on the applicant’s professional suitability, arranging interviews with the employer (if required), and preparing the draft of the work contract and formalisation of all the connected paperwork.

The human capital is decisive to the successful formation of a company. Selecting the staff is the key problem, and we will help you and your business find the talented and effective employees!

Application for staff search