Outstaffing, staff leasing

We endeavor to be of maximum benefit for the employers by selecting not only a perfect candidate for the position, but also the comprehensive approach to staff support. To this end, ESH company offers efficient services providing a number of advantages for business.

  • Outstaffing is exclusion of employees from the company staff or use of services of the outstaffer-company employees. This opportunity can optimize the business-model of your company, decrease the workload of the accounting department and the human resource department, as well as minimize the risks associated with labor dispute resolution. The staff option is irreplaceable in course of project work or temporary work, or in case of business start-up.
  • Outsourcing or staff leasing is a long-term recruitment of a group of employees. The key advantage of this solution is that the outsourcing company deals with the management, accounting and legal support, while the client company merely sets the objectives and enjoys the successful results.
  • Leasing is attraction of the qualified employees for a short term in connection with the seasonal work, project work, filling the maternity leave/sick leave/vacation positions. This option places all staffing/accounting and legal responsibility on the company providing the leasing, as well as decreases the load in the area of insurance, material and economic support, marketing and banking support.

Thanks to the ESH experts, you can find a perfect solution for your business. We offer professional consulting, provide full support, and help you optimize the staff load to enable your company to achieve the best results.

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