We think that any partnership must be mutually beneficial for every participant and we always adhere to this principle. Partnering with our company will contribute to the advance of your business by opening new directions, possibilities and opportunities.

The main advantages of collaborating with our company include:

  • Honesty. ESH conducts transparent business, and you can review any required documentation (including registration certificates, licences, memorandums, articles of agreements, reference letters, etc.) on our website or in our office;
  • Responsibility. Our specialists thoroughly inspect the employers and the candidates, making sure to comply with every agreement;
  • Control. We conduct rigorous records of performance of every partner, worker and compile ranking tables with every participating company. This ensures that we continue working only with the best of the best and create values for all parties.

It is important for us to build trusting long-term relations with our business partners, and that is why we do everything we can to make collaboration and resolution of operational issues as efficient, productive, and well coordinated as possible.